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High Energy Efficiency

Gree Hyper Premium Heat Pump
Premium Inverter Heat Pumps

The Gree Hyper Range of heat pumps utilizes Gree’s G10 inverter with cutting edge, high speed, DSP computer chip. This precise inverter control ensures accurate calculation and control which leads to efficient and unceasing operation.

Cooling capacity 2.5kw – 9.4kw Heating capacity 3.5 – 10.3kw

Gree Lomo Hi-wall Heat Pump
Standard Invert Heat Pump

Gree Lomo Hi-wall Heat Pump is highly efficient and energy saving. This means that the units need less electricity to run and uses the energy in an efficient way, which translates into faster cooling for you. Lomo Heat Pump will keep your room temperature precisely as you set it, whilst staying as energy efficient as possible.

Cooling capacity 2.5kw – 8.5kw Heating capacity 3.0kw – 9.0kw

Gree Floor Console
Gree Mini Floor Mount
  • Perfect for attic style rooms
  • I feel remote control
  • Wi-Fi using the Gree+ APP
  • Wire and central wall controller (optional)
  • Cooling capacity 5.2kw, Heating capacity 5.33hw
Gree Free Match Multi Split System
Gree Free Match Multi Split System

As the name suggests, you are free to mix and match a number of units and unit types, depending on the space or budget. Gree Free Match offers outstanding performance and reliable, affordable comfort in every room of your home, according to your needs. A multi-zone system is recommended for homes with a large living area in which separate comfort zones are required, as it offers greater flexibility, temperature control, and a more precise comfort through a combination of up to four indoor units.

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