Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and Health Effects

Every New Zealander deserves a Heathy Indoor Quality

Filtered clean fresh air support asthma patients


Poor Indoor Air Quality Creates Health Issues:

Asthma, Heart Disease, Allergy…

Indoor Air Pollutants


Poor ventilated home accumulative more indoor air pollutants


Mold on windows, walls & ceilings creates lots of health issues in NZ

How to improve Indoor Air Quality

Benefits of Ventilated Building

  • Eliminate avoidable moisture
  • Extract moisture
  • Proper air changes for building
  • Keep the room dry and warm
Two people enjoy fresh air
  • Smoother breathing
  • Better sleep
  • More comfortable and relaxation
  • Prevent your property from damages

New Zealand Standard

Clause G4-Ventilation

G4.3.1: Spaces within buildings shall have means of ventilation with outdoor air that will provide an adequate number of air changes to maintain air purity.

Tips of moisture and RH
New Zealand Building Code – Clause G4