Are you concerned about the quality of air inside your home and the impact it could have on your and your family’s health? Are you troubled with condensation on your windows during winter? Look no further than our Positive Pressure Ventilation System, a smart and effective solution that can help you maintain fresh, clean and dryer air throughout your home

Filtered Outdoor Fresh Air

The Best Cost-effective System

Intelligent Control Panel

Quiet Operation System

Easy filter replacement, low maintenance cost.

O2vent Premium Ventilation System

O2vent Premium Ventilation System

Operating modes

Auto Mode/Programmable Time Period Mode/Sleep Mode/Manual Mode.

WiFi Function 

Built-in WiFi module allows the ventilation system to be controlled via a mobile application or monitor indoor air parameters.

Multi Sensors 

Equipped with 5 indoor air quality sensors: Temperature, Humidity, CO2 concentration, VOC concentration, and PM2.5 concentration. Users can view or operate them through a wall-mounted controller or by mobile app.

Winter/ Sumer Switch

Built-in Winter/ Summer operating modes, Optional winter/summer Kit.

Child lock function

Prevents children from accidentally changing the settings or shutting off the system.

O2VENT Standard Ventilation System

Operating modes

AutoMode/ ON-OFF  Period Mode/Manual Mode.

Multi Sensors

Equipped with 3 indoor air quality sensors: Temperature, Humidity,  VOC concentration

Variable screen background colour

Displays different background colours (green/yellow/red) based on the indoor VOC concentration, indicating the level of indoor air pollutants.

O2VENT Standard Ventilation System

Benefits to have a O2VENT Ventilation System

Family coming home to a clean healthy house

Better sleep in a ventilated room

Remove condensation from windows

Relieve the discomfort of asthmatics

  • Equipping your home with the O2VENT ventilation system is undoubtedly an important investment in health.
  • Proper ventilation is an essential factor in maintaining a healthy home environment.
  • The O2VENT system uses controllable on-demand ventilation technology to meet various ventilation needs in different indoor scenarios

      Don’t hesitate to contact us now and give your family fresh and healthy air, safeguarding your health!

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