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Healthy Indoor Temperature — EECA Standards

The World Health Organisation and New Zealand’s Ministry of Health recommend these temperatures in your house:

  • a minimum of 18˚C during the day or a minimum of 20˚C for more vulnerable groups like children, the elderly and people who are ill.
  • a minimum of 16˚C in your bedroom overnight.

A Cozy Home through IHT

For those houses which have a fireplace, installing a heat transfer system removes hot air from the room containing the fireplace and delivers it to other rooms in the home, maintaining a cosy home in winter.


A heat source, such a fireplace, can provide plenty of heat energy for the whole house. Thus, an Internal Heat Transfer system distributes this heat energy instead of manufacturing heat energy. However, sometimes people install an internal heat transfer system, but their heating source room is not properly heated, which makes the system less effective.

Installation Tips for O2Vent’s IHT Kit

  • The IHT kit includes the hot air-intake grill, hot air delivery parts, hot air outlets and system thermostat.

  • The wall mounted thermostat should be installed at a height of more than 1.2m from the floor in the heat source room and within a 3m distance from the fireplace.

  • The diffusers are hot air distributing, Down-jet, round diffusers that guide hot air down to the floor directly, it is more efficient than other conventional diffusers used for delivering heat energy.

  • The IHT Kit can be installed in conjunction with an O2VENT Fresh Air Supply System to meet your entire home’s requirements for all seasons.

O2Vent IHT (-01/-02/-03) Kit: Internal Heat Transfer System

What’s in the kit:

  • Inline duct fan

  • Hot air suction grill

  • Round ceiling diffusers

  • Insulated ducts and splitter

  • Intelligent controller

O2VENT PFV + IHT: Internal Heat transfer and Positive Pressure Fresh Air Ventilation  System

Our intelligent Customized Ventilation System provides fresh, pure air for your entire home all year round. In winter, it distributes hot air from your heated room to other rooms creating a cosy, drier indoor environment.

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