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O2VENT Positive Pressure Fresh Air Ventilation System

Opening a window lets you enjoy fresh air in your home, but it’s not always practical, especially during the hotter or colder months of the year. Plus it allows pollen and other pollutant particles into your home and leaving your windows open while away at work for the day can be a major security issue. Many people experience stuffy, foul-smelling air when arriving home after a hard day’s work, not to mention after a holiday.

A whole house positive controlled fresh air supply system distributes filtrated fresh air into every room by an adjustable speed reliable fan, flexible ducts and air outlet diffusers. While polluted moist, stale indoor air will be pushed out.

The constant supply of fresher and purer air will maintain a healthier indoor environment for you and your family.


Intelligent IAQ Management

O2VENT Positive Pressure System provided demmanded air flow by intelligent controller with  built-in  Temperature, Humidity and VOC Concentration sensors, It is an energy-saving and healthy indoor air quality solution.

Also, it employs intelligent output to control the volume of fresh air supplied to meet the real-time requirements for maintaining a superior indoor air quality.

Intelligent IAQ Management Centre

Controlled Fresh Air Supply

Fresh air is vital for the health of building occupants, but too much air flow supply will consume more energy. The O2vent -P2 system will provide controlled air flow or automatically stop according to the difference between real IAQ and healthy IAQ. Thus meeting the requirement of the NZ building code by delivering fresh air automatically and efficiently to improve Indoor Air Quality(IAQ).

Read the USER MANUAL provided with your system carefully to ensure you enjoy your healthier family time.

Filtered Outdoor Fresher Air, Easier breathing at home

Before delivering fresh outdoor air to indoor rooms by Inline Duct Fan, the air filter installed in the ventilation system captures pollutants such as ozone, greenhouse gasses, chemicals, pesticides, pollen, mould spores and radon to keep a comfortable, healthy indoor environment.

The air filter is the vital part of the mechanical ventilation system in your home, replacing your air filter regularly keeps your ventilation system working with peak efficiency, while maintaining a healthy indoor environment for your family. Filters are usually changed once a year or more frequently, if necessary, depending on filtration demand.

Please contact our service team to request a replacement service or simply purchase a filter from us for DIY replacement.

Reducing Condensation and Mold

By introducing pure filtered fresh air into a home, the positive pressure fresh air flow will then push stale, moist, polluted indoor air out of the house. The activities of indoor occupants will produce extra moisture. Activities such as cooking, showering, use of clothes dryer, use of a fireplace and even the breathing of humans and pets inside. For those poorly insulated houses, the temperature on the surface of the wall, ceiling, windows and doors are lower than the dew point in Winter. Warm and humid indoor air contains a large amount of water vapour, it will cause condensation on the cool indoor surfaces, thus mould and malodour will appear rapidly. This is harmful to family health and house structure, this a Fresh air ventilation system is the most effective strategy for improving indoor air quality.

Comply with New Zealand Building Code

Instead of using Attic Polluted Air, O2Vent systems supply filtered, fresh outdoor air for the whole house, it complies to the new New Zealand Building Code:

Clause G4 Ventilation

G4.3.1 Spaces within buildings shall have means of ventilation with outdoor air that will provide an adequate number of air changes to maintain air purity.


  • Outdoor fresh air intake parts

  • Special designed Filter Box.

  • Fresh air distribution parts: Inline Duct Fan – AC Inline Duct Fan for PFV series; DC Inline Duct Fan for PFV-DC series.

  • Intelligent  IAQ management controller

PFV(PFV-DC) Series Kits            

      Model PFV-03 PFV-04 PFV-05 PFV-06 PFV-07 PFV-08
Home Size m2 60-90 90-130 130-160 150-220 200-260


Quantity of Air                   Outlets

3 4 5 6 7


Inline Duct Fan


1 1 2 2


  For more product options, please consult with our service team or ventilation experts.

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