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O2VENT New Positive Pressure Ventilation System

O2Vent Positive Pressure Ventilation System suction outside fresh air instead of roof cavity
polluted air and distribute to every room in your home. The specially designed F7 filter box
in the system will block out certain size particles ( pollen and other dust) before allowing
the air into the house. Customized system design will provide proper cleaning and fresh air
for your home, create the most comfortable indoor environment.


Key Features

Programmable wall-mounted controller

According to your life schedule, you can set your own system program for 6 time periods
everyday of the week.

Indoor Air Quality Monitors

There are 5 built-in sensors in this controller to monitor the indoor air quality of your home.
Humidity, Temperature, CO2, PM2.5, VOCs. According to different IAQ levels, the system will
provide needed airflow for your home.

Wi-Fi Function

With a built-in Wi-Fi module, you can check up your home indoor air quality & operate
ventilation system anytime, anywhere.
Connect to your home WiFi station, the controller will display current weather
information (Temp. RH).

Multi operation modes

You can operate the system under Auto, Manual, Timer, Sleep mode.

Easy Filter Replacement

A specially designed filter box supports kiwi’s DIY tradition. We also provide the service of
filter replacement when you need it.

Energy Saving

By O2VENT programable controller, this system provides only needed air flow to maintain
the great indoor air quality and comfort of living space, prevent energy waste caused by
supplying excessive air flow.

Quiet Operation

Except our reliable and quiet standard inline duct fan, we also provide optional the quietest
Mitsubishi Electric Duct Fan for wardrobe space installation in those houses which has not roof


Comply with NZ Building Code

Clause G4 Ventilation
G4.3.1 Spaces within buildings shall have means of ventilation with outdoor air hat will provide an adequate number of air changes to maintain air purity.

Removing Unpleasant Odors

In poorly ventilated rooms, accumulated unpleasant smells can cause headaches, respiratory irritation, dizziness and anxiety,  while fresh clean air help people to obtain relax feeling and deeper sleep during the night.

Freshening Cleaning Drying Indoor Air

Better home ventilation can remove moisture and stale air out and bring clean fresh air to maintain great indoor air quality, reduce humidity and the cost to heat the room in winter.

Reduce Window Condensation

In winter, when the temperature of the windows surface is reached the dew point, condensation will be produced. The same thing happened to the surface of poor insulation ceiling and external wall.

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